The Art of Cool After Hours presents Modus Bone, October 19th

Modus Bone will perform at Third Friday After Hours from 9:45pm to12am. Doors open at 9:30pm. For more information and tickets click here: Tickets

About Modus Bone:

Modus Bone is a 5 piece instrumental jazz, funk, and fusion ensemble consisting of trombone, saxophone, bass, keyboard and drums (vocals as additional option). Their goal is to convey the music of many styles through the jazz idiom. From Duke Ellington to Stevie Wonder and beyond, this collaboration of musicians strives to express the concept of togetherness on the bandstand.

Individually, these talented and in demand musicians have performed in many circles and circuits. The band members have achieved many individual accomplishments including commercial recordings, touring dates, international performances, and collaborations with some of the greats in jazz music.

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