Karen Archia

Karen Archia is a native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but has firmly planted southern roots, having lived in the Triangle since 1984. She has worked at WUNC-TV as part of the Public Affairs team, and as a public relations professional, most recently at the National Education Association’s state affiliate in North Carolina.

“The “behind-the-scenes” work of TV production was great fun, and working in public relations for a non-profit was very rewarding and offered a creative outlet, but neither left much room for authentic self-expression. “I felt I was losing my own voice and identity since I was constantly writing for and about other people, or seeking to inform or persuade a certain audience for a particular reason not of my own making. After many years of presenting the thoughts, experiences and feelings of others in words and images, I realized I wanted to share my own feelings and ideas in a visually compelling, dynamic and non-objective manner.

“I have been painting for a while as a secret hobby, but have been encouraged by fellow artists to share my work more widely. It’s certainly a struggle to be this vulnerable, but it feels right.”

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