Robert Harrison

I paint for the same reason that I first began to like drawing.  In Mrs. Burney’s third grade class at David Fairchild Elementary School, I drew hundreds of airplanes. While I drew, I could feel the thrill of flying in them and soaring above the ground.  When I stopped drawing, the feeling was no longer there.

Today I often paint scenes that relate to the sea.  I grew up near the ocean, and have spent many days and hours on the water.  I have fallen in love with inner tubes, wooden rafts, surfboards, PT boats and sailboats.  I live in North Carolina, a place of abundant natural beauty and history.  All of this has influenced my painting.

I paint in oil.  I like the thick texture of oil paint and what it can achieve.  I like the smell of linseed oil.  My painting style has been described as Energetic Realism.  I enjoy the discovery and experience of expressive brushwork and saturated colors.  I am continuously on the look out for interesting subjects and compositions that are appealing.

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