Judy Keene

In my abstract oil paintings I search for intense color by working with palette knife and brush and applying many layers of colored glazes.  I hope to achieve a vibration that will resonate with the viewer.  I am interested in the interplay of geometric and biomorphic forms and lost and found edges.

Early travels throughout the West, my father’s rock collection, studying art and art history in college and ten year’s experience working in museums have broadened my interest in color and the natural world.  I have been painting abstracts for many years as well as impressionistic nad plein air landscapes with an interest in ponds and gardens.  I explore a variety of media, but mostly work in oils.

My interest in abstraction began as an art history student with Shirley Blum, whose husband, Irving Blum was a Southern California art dealer whose gallery exhibited work of many postwar modern artists. I am particularly drawn to the work of Bonnard and Rothko.  When I begin an abstract painting I do not know where it will take me, but new work evolves fromprevious explorations, dreams and subconscious images.


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