Carlitta Durand @LabourLove After Hours, Nov. 18th

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Carlitta Durand Concert Details

1)  Getting Into the Show - All you have to do is give your name to the person at the door.  We’ll mark you off on the list and let you in.  Simple right?

2)  Refreshments - We will have some light refreshments, water, and a few bottles of complementary wine for everyone to share.  You may bring any other beverages or food you wish for your personal consumption, or to share with the party.  We have a corkscrew and plastic cups for everyone.

3)  DIRECTIONS - LabourLove Gallery is located in Building 2 (the main building) at Golden Belt on 807 East Main St., Durham, NC 27701.  CLICK HERE for directions from Google Maps.

4)  Parking at Golden Belt - Below is a map of the Golden Belt Campus with available parking options.  LabourLove is located in Building 2 right next to the Lobby.  You may park in the Visitor, Main, or Overflow lots, or on Morning Glory Avenue.

We are so excited that you’ve chosen to spend your Third Friday with us at LabourLove.  We hope you have a wonderful night.

Best Regards,
The Art of Cool and LabourLove Gallery Team

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