Annette Buckner Hall

Around the age of seven, I lingered in the front yard and let my gaze drift to the night sky. With my eyes wide, and a deep sense of wonder, I stood in awe and open. I felt a connection to every star beyond my reach and every blade of grass beneath my feet. I choose to create and live my life from this connection.

Being influenced by an architectural education, and the practice of graphic design, I come to the canvas with intention, but awe and wonder allow for change and spontaneous movement. This is compelling and exciting. What will happen next? There is intention, but much like our lives, which are somewhat planned, and then…

And then comes evolution and transformation. They are essential for me, both as an artist and human being. When I see a piece of rusted metal out in the elements of the world, it makes me think of the spiritual journey that we all take. The metal is so new and untouched, but over time becomes coated with what the elements have to offer. This rust changes the very composition of the metal. It evolves to become something different. This rust even rubs off on other things it touches. We, like rusted metal, have the ability to evolve and affect others along the way. It is my sincere intent that my art rubs off a bit into your world.

Join me in the journey.

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