December Events

December 17th @ 6:00 pm-10:00 pm

“Four Winds at the Four Winds Bar” with artists: Luke Miller Buchanan and Lincoln Penn Hancock

LabourLove will be making some big changes in the new year. We will be transitioning to a collective gallery model in early February. It is no coincidence that we are having our last show with one of our friends, artist Luke Miller Buchanan. Luke will be showing with new artist to the gallery, Lincoln Penn Hancock in a show inspired by 70′s rock band, The Blue Oyster Cult.

The Artists Statement:

In the summer of 2010, Luke Miller Buchanan and Lincoln Hancock realized theyʼd both been working on distinct pieces informed in different ways by the same thirty-five year old rock album. Blue Oyster Cult’s 1974 LP, Secret Treaties, had made its way quite literally into Buchanan’s painting, “And Most of You Have Gone Away.” And Hancockʼs video piece (with Miles Holst) for Block2, “Radios Appear,” took its title and conceptual mettle from “Dominance and Submission,” the third song on the record.

As they considered direction and theme for their upcoming show, Buchanan and Hancock riffed on the subtext of their shared inspiration. The work in this show digs at the clandestine and excavates the abstruse, in places, moments, and scenarios lived and felt. Each artistʼs work, in its own way, attempts to capture the resonances that inform our specific experience. Encounters with the world often are determined by factors not materially manifest. Whether these qualities of experience are shaped by what we bring to the exchange or the revelation of forces unseen, they form the emotional basis for our meetings with the world.

“Four winds at the four winds bar” is a lyric in the last song on Secret Treaties. The song deals explicitly with the mystic intents and agendas that riddle the world as we see it. But the phrase, taken alone, evokes something like a transitory moment, a place through which meanings and messages pass like the breeze. It also conjures a respite — a familiar place that lures seekers. Luke Miller Buchanan and Lincoln Hancock take haven at the Four Winds Bar, and their recent work represents their distinct yet complementary impressions on whatʼs happening in the plenitude outside.

Special Holiday Show: Snapshots

“Snapshots” with artwork by Bethany Bash, Peter Filene, Denee Black and Amy Gelber will remain up in case you did not make it to the Durham Art walk in November.


LabourLove will take this time to celebrate the Holidays with all of you who have supported the gallery the last 20 months with music from D.J. Sean the Revelator. Our favorite food trucks will be in the parking lot and we will provide the wine and beer. So bring your festive spirit and come celebrate with us!

Luke Miller Buchanan
Luke Miller Buchanan
Lincoln Penn Hancock
Lincoln Hancock
D Black
Bethany Bash
Luke Miller BuchananLuke Miller BuchananLincoln Penn HancockLincoln HancockD BlackBethany Bash
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