Bombed: Panels, Picks and Kicks – 9/18 – 11/14


LabourLove is bringing the street to our gallery walls. Franco – Visual Activist – will hit you with his eye popping digital illustrations and paintings using the “fist pick” as a central character that celebrates diversity, fights intolerance, and promotes unity. Meanwhile, Sean Kernick, Matt Scofield, Victor Knight, III, and Greg Davis will bomb the walls with their graffiti. Each artist stands on his own, but they’ve been working together for a while to build a regional following for their work both on the street and in the gallery. Members of the break dance crews “Schizophrenic Octopus” and “Swoon Unit” will be performing to add to the nights festivities.

So, we’ve covered the art. What else? Well, LabourLove is teaming up with Helping Hands Mission’s Shoes-4-Souls campaign. Bring your used kicks to the gallery. As the weather turns cooler, there are people all over North Carolina who need shoes.

Since you’re coming to the show anyway help out your neighbor, and bring a pair or two with you. All five artists will be decorating a special pair of shoes to be auctioned off to benefit the cause, too.

And if that wasn’t enough, Jason Salemme will be back with his unparalleled home brewed beer to the gallery for a third time. We just can’t get enough of his award winning Scottish ale, or his well balanced IPA. Come and get it.

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